A Small Step for Libraries - A Giant Leap for Mankind

The history of libraries began with the first efforts to organise collections of documents. The advent of the printing press, modern publishing and demand for fiction promoted by markets led to the rise of circulating libraries, shifting librarian activities from collecting and organising content to mass-produced content distribution.

For the last 20 years, library digitization has become part of the work of librarians. Most of libraries involded in digitization collaborated with agencies, such as national libraries and museums to get funding necessary as most of the projects were larger than what most public and school libraries could cope with alone. Public libraries and museums receive regularly federal funds and assistance from number of foundations in order to contribute to large scale preservation of materials resulting in tens of millions digital objects digitized.

What We Do

We at GetArchive idetify three key problems with current state of archive digitization:

  • Fragmentation: Already digitized content is scatterd over the web. Librarian consortiums are addressing this issue, however a conflict of interests arise as digitized content is not being used to increase visibility of institution that made the content available to the public.
  • User experience: Internet is changing rapidly. As a result, solutions built for archives get obsolete and very small fraction of digital collections user interfaces can be used as examples of good user experience.
  • High development costs of mobile: As for native mobile applications and online social interactions, there is literally no solutions available for the libraries as of 2016.
  • We at GetArchive focus on solving those three problems preventing dissimination of already digitized content to the broader public. Our goal is to make the reaches of world's libraries, archives and museums freely available to researchers and public all around the world. We help organizations such as archives, libraries, museums, non-profit and government agencies with the IT platform that makes it easy to create and share their collections online and on mobile.

    An Open Platform

    GetArchive's mission is to develop an open publishing platform, cloud media servers, API, a set of the web and mobile applications for archives, libraries, museums and alike, so they can store, organize and digitally distribute media such as images, books, videos, sounds and connect with their members, sponsors and public.

    GetArchive develops, supports and maintains the publishing platform that is built to handle all types of human expression, from documents and books to images, videos, and sound recordings. GetArchive provides all necessary tools for bringing broad range of media online: digitized images, scanned books, manuscripts, sound and video recordings can be accessed through a variety of methods, including:

  • Open API
  • Embeddable Web Widgets
  • PICRYL.com
  • iOS Applications
  • Android Applications
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    GetArchive products are Free for all public domain media. For other copyright types, see GetArchive Pricing.