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We help publishers to grow with two products that go hand in hand:
The Internet's fastest way to publish media archives of any size coupled with a great set of tools to help publishers increase engagement, grow audience and nurture vibrant communities.
GetArchive makes it easy to create and deliver content. Boost productivity with our creativity tools. Build and share media-rich presentations, pages, videos, and interactive media.
The largest public domain media bank & search engine
More than 5 Million Objects: Free With No Limitations
Example video
The First Space Age: The Balloon Age
Mix with Your Own Media
Custom Text Layers & Voiceover to Tell Your Story
Example video
History of Las Vegas: From Desert Valley to Megaresort
Commercial vs. Educational Modes
Automatic Copyright Compliance Engine
Example video
Amelia Earhart: American Aviation Pioneer
Stunning Video Templates
Choose Template: Export & Share Instantly
Example video
Fashion 1940s-1960s
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on the open web

At every step the platform empowers users with:
Copyright-Free Media
5M objects from the finest word's archives and growing
Create collections, slideshows, tell stories, and generate videos
Social Media Tools
Free your media to be easily shared, have your stories retold
Build a Following
Nurture online communities that share your vibe and values
Be Awesome
Build Strong Online Audiences and Grow.
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