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Educator's Media Bank
Visual content for face-to-face, online and distance education. Framework for assignments and learning.
Teachers and Students:
Create online collections quickly and easily
Use any of 5M public domain media from world's finest archives.
Play collection as slideshows and videos
Play collections as slideshows, export them as videos, add your own text and voiceover.
Publish collections and videos across the web
Embed collections anywhere. Choose from export templates and publish across the web.
Discus and collaborate with no restrictions
In non-profit and for-profit environment, face to face and distant class, print materials and online.
The largest bank of public domain media from the world's finest archives readily available
anywhere, anytime, on any device, for free.
You will fall in love with Picryl
Collections and media to address themes from colonial to modern time.

Use any media object, collection, story, video, in class, online, on any website or blog!

No restrictions and no limitations.
100% Legal, 100% Free.
public domain objects
finest world's archives
price to use
Visual Framework for Student Research
Structure Student's Work
Set visual highlights to research
Request Student's Input
Give individual and group assignments
Compare Results
Organize students feedback and vote