Availability Disclaimer: While most of the GetArchive Platform is fully operational, some elements and features including the advertiser login and tracking are currently under development! Contact us to receive updates on launch time.

Become a GetArchive publishing partner

The GetArchive advertising network is built to monetize a wide range of online properties, public spaces and services, and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Our unique specialty is creating a revenue stream for cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, townships and for educational publishers.

How Much Can I Earn?
We will be happy to discuss opportunity, estimate the potential and provide you with a proposal.
Our representative will contact you in 24-48 hours.
Advertising platform that fits niche publishers and cultural institutions

GetArchive motto is "The Culture at the palm of your hand".
Our pool of advertisers, free media bank, and easy-to-use creative tools deliver a constant stream of media-rich ads that naturally fit museums, public spaces and services, townships and alike.

Whether you're concerned about your current revenue stream efficiency and suitability, looking for a new income source, or fine-tuning your revenue campaign, we can help you achieve your goals.

GetArchive provides advertisers with the same tools we've built for teachers and scholars.
Each visual ad template we provide is targeted for certain demographics, publishers, and placement types. Advertisers deliver the message in a format that fits targeted age group and the placement.

We grant advertiser's access to the world's largest copyright-free bank of images, videos, and sounds that they use to create visual ads. With us, advertisers create media-rich ads that comprise plenty of cultural and historical references differentiating them from others whose message may be not suitable for many publishers and institutions like you.

Advertisers create beautiful multimedia with high CTR and CPM. They often produce astonishing results serving both promotional and educational purposes for themselves and for the publisher!

Native Multimedia Ads
Native multimedia ads, customized feed, various ad formats and easily embeddable widgets

Perfect fit for online publishers focused on travel, history, local news and communities, photography, art, culture, and education.
Digital Signage
Install or convert existing dedicated monitor and receive 50% of the ad revenue

GetArchive will provide the digital display, matching advertisement stream, will create a media channel that fits your visitor's mindset
Ads That Fit the Place
Ads might be in a conflict with cultural habits of the recipient.
Ads may be inappropriate for certain online and physical placements.
Ads are not created equal.

GetArchive delivers revenue without irritating or harming your patrons.
Post Offices
Retail Locations
Bank Branches
Public Services
Subway Stations
Mass Transit
Train Stations
City Centers
Tourist Attractions
Concert Halls
High CPM rates
Monetize 100% of impressions.
Ads that fit
We moderate advertisers and match them with placements so ads are relevant and high quality.
Effective ad formats
We'll help advertisers produce media rich ads that fit your audience and fun to watch.
Real time reporting and on-time payments
Track your revenues online. Receive your payments always on time.
Monetize Your Space
Pick matching advertisers through the GetArchive partner network.
Make money the way that fits your audience.
GetArchive makes advertising earning easy.

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