Media platform for everyone.

Face-to-face, online and distance education platform.

Delivering ads directly in front of the world's most affluent audience.

Digital Signage
Providing digital signage technology solution, targeted ad revenue, and digital signage entertaining content.

Digital collections management platform for libraries and museums.

Short competitive analysis
§ Publishing Platform
Media Platform for Everyone!
We support publishers of all sorts and sizes
on the open web

At every step we empower our users with:
Copyright-Free Media
5M objects from the finest word's archives and growing
Creative Tools
Create collections, slideshows, tell stories, and generate videos
Social Media Tools
Free your collections to be easily shared and have your stories retold
Build a Following
Nurture online communities that share your vibe and values
The largest bank of public domain media from the world's finest archives readily available anywhere, anytime, on any device, for free.
Grab any media object, collection, story, video, and place them on your website or blog
public domain objects
finest world's archives
price to use
Create Slideshows and Visual Stories

In a slideshow, image and text simply come along.
A Visual Story is when the text is "hooked onto an image"

Use stunning html and video templates

Choose template that fits your audience. Export and share your work instantly.

Commercial vs. Educational Modes & Copyright Compliance

Use 5M+ public domain objects to produce media without any restrictions. Add Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 content and generate credits automatically.

§ Education Platform
Face-to-face, online and distance education platform.
Fair Use compliance mode for a non-profit educational environment.
Teachers and Students:
Create online collections quickly and easily
Use any of 5M public domain media from world's finest archives.
Play collection as slideshows and videos
Play collections as slideshows, export them as videos, add your own text and voiceover.
Publish collections and videos across the web
Embed collections anywhere. Choose from export templates and publish across the web.
Discus and collaborate with no restrictions
In non-profit and for-profit environment, face to face and distant class, print materials and online.
Student work is immediately available online, no waiting.
Make team and school competitions.
Spread the knowledge. Share. Let others re-share.
Hard work deserves popularity. Go Viral!
§ Advertising Platform

Delivering ads directly in front of the world's most affluent audience
GetArchive Advertising Network
Unique Placements, Affluent Audience:
Websites, Widgets, Mobile Apps and Digital Billboards.
Delivering Cross-Platform
GetArchive advertising network is reaching out to millions of affluent consumers and thousands of businesses worldwide.
We've already built and Picryl mobile applications - the leading resource of public domain media for creative use. Picryl audience is growing fast worldwide with US segment 60%, and EU 20% of auditorium.
Deliver ads to Picryl web and mobile clients, as well as to widgets that our customers and their followers embed in their web pages and blogs to publish their archives. Picryl widgets and tools such as embeddable slideshows and videos are viral, so are your ads.
Online and Mobile Geo-Targeting
GetArchive and Picryl users love to create and publish collections, walk throughs, videos and guides that are local-themed. Target users and communities that are interested, travel or live in particular locations. Advertise to mobile basing on user account information and current geo-location feed.
Digital Signage and Billboards
Coming Soon.
GetArchive is developing a digital signage and billboard advertising platform. We revolutionize digital signage in public places, retail, restaurants, bars, hotels, museums and landmarks.
Video Ads Production
Use the largest public domain media bank & search engine for no-restrictions video-ads production. More than 5 Million Objects: Free With No Limitations
§ Digital Signage Platform
Providing digital signage technology solution, targeted ad revenue, and digital signage entertaining content
Native Multimedia Ads
Native multimedia ads, customized feed, various ad formats and easily embeddable widgets

Perfect fit for online publishers focused on travel, history, local news and communities, photography, art, culture, and education.
Digital Signage
Install or convert existing dedicated monitor and receive 50% of the ad revenue

GetArchive will provide the digital display, matching advertisement stream, will create a media channel that fits your visitor's mindset
Digital Signage and Billboards
We revolutionize digital signage for public places, retail, restaurants, bars, hotels, museums and landmarks.
• Museums
• Libraries
• Theaters
• Cinemas
• Post Offices
• Government
• Landmarks
• Retail Locations

• Bars
• Nightclubs
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Bank Branches
• Public Services
• Subway Stations
• Mass Transit

• Airports
• Train Stations
• Halls
• City Centers
• Squares
• Tourist Attractions
• Concert Halls
• Stadiums
§ Archive-in-the-cloud
Digital collections management platform for libraries and museums
In many cases, the most valuable organization's assets are unique & special collections and archives
GetArchive helps to connect and engage with those who are interested in what your organization does. Distribute your content and connect with members, sponsors, and the public.
The platform is capable of storing, organizing and delivering online, all types of human expressions, such as texts, images, books, video and audio recordings. Digitally distribute media collections of any size.
We made GetArchive integration with existing web sites as easy as possible. It only takes two lines of code to add the GetArchvie Interface to any web page. Click to see yourself: how easy it is.
Go Viral
GetArchive is built with SEO and SEM best practices in mind. Archive-in-the-cloud will take your digital assets online, will make them discoverable and searchable, so visitors can find what they are looking for and share with the world what matters to them.
Make Money
Use GetArchive's Archive-in-the-Cloud to receive revenue streams originating from digital objects sales.
Learn more about the GetArchive monetization solutions for online and brick-and-mortar partners. Earn money both from online and offline activities.

Embrace capabilities only available on mobile.
Send push notifications, set groups and chats, address users based on their location. Measure response, and get deep insights into patron's behavior. Provide users with great experiences, and increase your donations and sponsor base.
Look at Picryl web and mobile applications to get an idea.
Who are GetArchive's Competitors?
It may seem that GetArchive has no direct competitors, however, in every niche it operates, a broad spectrum of business opportunities and fierce competition exists.
Internet Archive, a library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, website caches.

Non-Profit. 2015 Revenue $14M
Cloud archive. User accounts but limited as social platform. Not a media production platform.
OCLC is a cooperative that helps libraries locate, acquire, catalog, and lend library materials. Offers digital collections management for archives.
Non-Profit, 2015 Revenue $240M,
Digital collection service revenue estimate $1-10M/year.
Publishing platform, nothing else
Pixabay - photo and video sharing platform. It enables users to search photos, vectors, video clips and illustrations. Users can upload and share their own public domain pictures, videos.
Sales of images from, Ads. Estimated revenue $1.5-10M/year.
Limited social platform, not a publishing platform, not a production tool
ScreenScape - a platform for creating and displaying media that is turning any screen into a digital signage with a use of an internet connected dongle for $40/month.
$4M in 2 Rounds, Most Recent Funding $3M Seed
Digital signage broadcasting platform, no content, not an ad network
Slide enables users to create and personalize widgets and use them on social networks, blogs and desktops. Acquired by Google in 2010
Total Equity Funding $78M in 4 Rounds from 8 Investors

Online slideshow tool. No free content. No educational content. Not a social platform.
Videoblocks - subscription-based video and audio stock royalty free content. $149/ year.
$10.5M in 1 Round from 2 Investors, $8M Debt Financing on June 3, 2015

Video production media bank and production platform. No free content. No educational content. Not a social platform.
Animoto - subscription-based allows users to create professional-quality video. $264/year.
$30M in 3 Rounds from 5 Investors Most Recent Funding $25M Series C on June 29, 2011
Media production platform. Limited content. No educational content. Not a social platform.
Coub is an online portal that enables users to create high quality moving images with sound.
$3.62M in 3 Rounds from 4 Investors
Video+sound mashup editor. Limited video length due to Youtube copyright.
Social platform. No free content. No educational content.
Schoology provides a learning management system that makes it easy to create and share academic content.
$57.1M in 6 Rounds from 8 Investors
Focus on educational institutions.
Not a social platform, not a media production platform
Brainly - social learning network. It enables its users to help each other with school work problems.
$24.5M in 3 Rounds from 6 Investors
Social network, not a publishing platform, not a media production platform