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Digital Collections / Digital Portfolio Website.
Sales, Payments and Shipments Processing.
Superior Search Engine Optimization.
Massive Upload, Editing and Tagging.
Unlimited Team Members.
Ridiculously fast everything!
Fully featured, Unlimited Archive.
No monthly or usage charges.
Payments: 20% transaction fee*
  • For Non-Profits, Collectors, Educators,
    Artists, Photographers, Galleries,
    Groups and Communities
  • Unlimited Images, Documents
  • Unlimited Video Collections
    (source video hosted on third party services such as Vimeo, Youtube)
  • Donations, One-Time and Recurrent
  • Digital Media Sales
  • Rights Sales
  • Print Sales
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Advanced Search, Superior SEO
  • 20% transaction fee.
    We get paid when you get paid.
  • We take care of everything, including payment processing, printing and shipping
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Custom Website
Custom Formats
Flexible Payments Options
  • For Museums, Archives, Educational Institutions,
    Government, Businesses,
    Private Archives
  • Unlimited Images, Videos, Documents
  • Custom Media Types and Formats
  • Media Access: Public or Member-Restricted
  • Donations, Membership Fees
  • Digital Media Sales
  • Copyright Sales
  • Prints Sales
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Advanced Search, Superior SEO
  • Assisted Media and Metadata Import
  • OCR Text, Objects and Face Recognition
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*Total Costs: 20% Transaction Fee + Stripe and Paypal fees + Print fees + any applicable taxes. See details below.
Make Money
That's how much you should expect to receive on average:

One-time and recurrent donations. Optimized no-hassle transaction flow.

Grow your organic search traffic, easily post to social networks.

Minimum cc processing fee of 30 cents looks small but is significant comparing to the micro donation itself.

To offset costs, donor is offered to cover credit card processing fee. Every second donor is OK to do so! It makes a huge difference.

Expect to receive 50%-75% of each transaction.
Set the price you find reasonable. Alternatively, package your sales as a donation with minimum amount set.

Switch between voluntary and mandatory donations for different image resolutions.

Add watermark to your images if you want.

Receive buyer's and donor's information, comments and subscription info.

Upload and tag your files. We take care of everything else.
Expect to receive 70%-77% of each transaction.

For small prints, shipping is significant part of the costs. Add transaction fees and you get what you get. It's up to you to allow small prints sales.

Products: postcards, giclée fine art, posters, frames, metal prints.

Why bother? Consider printing as:

(1) A marketing to tool to learn what prints people would buy if offered.

(2) No-hassle money making opportunity: Online store with variety of cute postcards, posters and prints.

Seems not too exciting?
Think again.

As a prolific photographer or an artist you have thousands of high-resolution images sitting on your hard drive.

Give others opportunity to discover your collections and make $25-$250 for each print.

All you have to do is to upload, add watermark and tag.

Products: prints, giclée fine art, posters, frames, canvas, metal, wall peels.

Gain online exposure, new patrons, make money.
Stripe Fees
Stripe Card Processing Fee per successful card charge

US 2.9% + $0.30
UK 1.4% + 20p for European cards, 2.9% + 20p for non European cards
1.4% + €0.25
for European cards 2.9% + €0.25
for non European cards Australia 1.75% + 30¢
for domestic cards 2.9% + 30¢
for International cards Mexico 3.6% + $3.00
per successful card charge per successful card charge, excluding IVA Brazil 3.99% + R$0.50
per successful card charge Singapore 3.4% + $0.50
per successful card charge Canada 2.9% + CA$0.30
per successful card charge Japan 3.6%
per successful card charge
Paypal Fees
PayPal takes 2.9 percent of the payment plus 30 cents per transaction
Small Print Shipping Costs
Shipping Costs:

Size 4x6
AU Standard, size 4x6, $5.99, days:12
AU Express, size 4x6 $29.99, days:4
CA Standard, size 4x6, $7.19, days:3
CA Express, size 4x6, $23.99, days:3
EU Standard, size 4x6, $7.19, days:4
US Standard, size 4x6, $2.39, days:3
US Express, size 4x6, $23.99, days:2
OT Standard, size 4x6, $5.99, days:12
OT Express, size 4x6, $29.99, days:10

Size 5x7
AU Standard, size 5x7, $5.99 days:12
AU Express, size 5x7, $29.99 days:4
CA Standard, size 5x7, $7.19, days:3
CA Express, size 5x7, $23.99, day:3
EU Standard, size 5x7, $7.19, days:4
US Standard, size 5x7, $2.39, days:3
US Express, size 5x7, $23.99 days:2
OT Standard, size 5x7, $5.99, days:12
OT Express, size 5x7, $29.99, days:10

Size 6x9
AU Standard, size 6x9, $5.99 days:12
AU Express , size 6x9, $29.99 days:4
CA Standard, size 6x9, $7.19 days:3
CA Express, size 6x9, $23.99 days:3
EU Standard, size 6x9, $7.19 days:4
US Standard, size 6x9,$2.39 days:3
US Express, size 6x9, $23.99 days:2
OT Standard , size 6x9, $5.99 days:12
OT Express, size 6x9, $29.99 days:10

Size 8x8
AU Standard, size 8x8, $5.99 days:12
CA Express, size 8x8, $23.99, days:3
US Express, size 8x8, $23.99 days:2
Flexible, All-Inclusive Publishing Platform
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We don't charge per usage, license, there is no software to buy, install, update or upgrade.
Website Included
Just point your domain's or subdomain's CNAME to your archive storefront URL we provide! It's that simple! If you don't know how to do it, don't worry, we will help.
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Easy share your content online with free Search Engine Optimized Website make your content shine on social and search. We build your website with the best practices in mind.
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GetArchive handles archives of any size, millions of media files of various types, content co-editors and contributors. Oversee team members, manage their efforts. GetArchive facilitates collaboration like no other platform on the Web!
Make Money
Sell rights, digital copies, prints. We take care of everything technical: payments processing, invoicing, printing and shipping.
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Let other people find, share and use your media on your terms. Define who and how can create upon your media. Build following, collect one-time and recurrent donations.