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Visual Ads: a Tool of Persuasion
GetArchive visual ads, same as GetArchive visual tools, are built with Millennial and Generation Z consumers in mind.
2010s advertising is the art of incorporating the content, format, and sequence into a coherent whole. Visual ads are so efficient because they fit the Millennial and even more so, Generation Z's preferred way of information consumption.

And while Millennials prefer informative and persuasive verbal message to be augmented with visual aids, for Generation-Z the visual component always comes first.
Until recently, creating visual ads required a large budget and highly skilled personnel.

We at GetArchive provide advertisers with the same creative tools we've built for teachers and students. They are easy to use and produce astonishing results. Even more, we grant access to the largest-in-the-world copyright-free bank of images, videos, and sounds that can be used to create the visual ads.

GetArchive visual templates are built to deliver the message in a format that fits the targeted age group and the service or products they are trying to present. Each visual template has pros and cons that must be used to benefit to the goal and the desired consumer action.
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