Social Publishing Platform for Non-Profits
Present Your Cause to Target Audience,
Involve Public and Grow Donor Base.
GetArchive delivers organization content to a target audience, helps to engage followers and handles donation transactions.
Non-profits have come far, engaging with communities online.

GetArchive helps to go even farther than anyone might have imagined a few years ago.

- boost visits to your existing web properties,
- grow your social connections, expand your network of potential sponsors,
- increase and process donation transactions.

    Share Your Causes
    Connect and engage with those who cares what your organization does. Distribute your content and connect with members, sponsors, and the public.
    Publish, organize, and deliver your content, share all types of human expressions, such as texts, images, books, video and audio recordings. Digitally distribute media collections of any size.
    We made GetArchive integration with existing web sites as easy as possible. It only takes two lines of code to add the GetArchvie Interface to any web page. Click to see how easy is to integrate.
    Go Viral
    GetArchive is built with best search and social marketing practices. Take your digital assets online, make them discoverable so your followers can share with the world what matters to them.
    Make Money
    Use GetArchive's to add revenue streams originating from digital objects sales.
    Earn money from online sponsorship and media sales.

    Embrace mobile. Send push notifications, engage, address users based on their location. Provide them with great experiences, increase donations and sponsor base.