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Visually Enhanced
and Non-Verbal Education
Teaching with Visual
65 percent of the population consists of visual learners; therefore when teachers lecture, they are reaching less than half of the class.

Even a relatively primitive slideshow that combines text with static images and voiceover is proven to be a great learning aid.

But if the message is embedded into a dynamic visual it is 3 times more effective. We call it visual story, or just Story. Our goal is to make producing stories quick, easy, and fun.
…unless our words, concepts, ideas are hooked onto an image, they will go in one ear, sail through the brain, and go out the other ear. Words are processed by our short-term memory where we can only retain about seven bits of information (plus or minus 2)...
Images, on the other hand, go directly into long-term memory where they are indelibly etched.
Dr. Lynell Burmark
Visual Story vs. Slideshow
In a slideshow, image and text come along.
Click "play" to see the text "hooked onto an image"
1. This is a slide with text on the bottom.
2. Click "play" to see the same text as visual.

Ok, that's impressive, but where do I find the images and the music? U.S. copyright law Fair Use exemption is extremely complicated, even for use in class only, not talking about online!


  • No more than 5 images by a single artist or photographer can be used.
  • Not more than 15 images or 10 percent of a collection (whichever is less) may be used.


  • Must be a legal copy, not bootleg or a home recording;
  • Must be used in a classroom or nonprofit environment "dedicated to face-to-face instruction.", not online!
  • Use should be instructional, not for entertainment or reward.
  • Copying is OK only if "replacements are unavailable at a fair price or in a viable format".


  • May be reproduced only if up to 10 percent of composition;
  • Should be performed, and displayed as part of a multimedia program produced by educators or students.
  • Maximum of 30 seconds per musical composition may be used.
Fair Use is complicated. That's why we at GetArchive built PICRYL - where anyone can find public domain media on any topic instead!

  • Is the largest (5 Million objects and growing) search engine for public domain images, documents, music, and videos.
  • Makes worlds' public domain riches searchable and readily available for anyone to use.
  • Combines media from hundreds of sources including Library of Congress, NARA, NASA, NYPL, British Library, The Internet Archive.
With PICRYL anyone can create and share collections, slideshows, videos, printed materials. All Free and Legal!
Great, but video production is such a pain. It takes hours to produce a video that plays a minute. Teachers and students may not have necessary skills, hardware and can't afford to spend much time for this.
With PICRYL it takes less time to create a Collection than to "play" it. To find and add objects takes only a few clicks. Collections can be played as a slideshow, shared and embedded to any web page.

To make a Story, you add a short text or voiceover to each slide. Technically, you can skip this, so title and description that are already there will be used, but would it be a real story, your story?

Once you're done with annotating, choose a visual template that fits your Story best and click "Publish". Making video with PICRYL may take less time than writing an essay on the topic. There is no need to convert files, download, upload, or edit anything unless you choose to.

With PICRYL anyone can create and share collections, slideshows and videos. All Free, Legal, Quick and Easy!
Bridging the Gap with Visual
GetArchive is for teaching and for learning.
Or just for fun, because it's cool.
Search through world's media
5M public domain media from world's finest archives are available for free to learn and use. Just type a keyword in a search field.
On any device
Works on web and in apps: Picryl.com and apps available for iOS and Android.
Social engagement
Share and re-share any object, collection, story in social networks, start a discussion.
Creative tools
Create and engage with ease: collections, slideshows, stories, videos.
Pin media on any website with the browser extension. Automatically comply with fair use exemption for scholarship.
Visual Framework
Set a framework to organize and monitor individual and group progress. Compare results.
Student work is immediately available online, no waiting.
Make team and school competitions.
Spread the knowledge. Share. Let others re-share.
Hard work deserves popularity. Go Viral!
Visual Framework for Student Research
Structure Student's Work
Set visual highlights to research
Request Student's Input
Give individual and group assignments
Compare Results
Organize students feedback and vote