PICRYL: World’s Public Domain Media

public Our first step was to make already digitized public domain media from various sources readily available anywhere, anytime, on any device, for free. GetArchive created Picryl.com – the largest curated repository and search engine for public domain media. Any object in the repository can be accessed through public API, Picryl.com, Web Widgets, iOS and Android native applications.

Picryl lives on GetArchvie Amazon cloud: the cloud is scalable and blazing fast. Behind Picryl is GetArchive open API (application program interface). The API runs 24/7 and can be used by anybody to power up their applications and websites. Same GetArchive Cloud and Picryl API run our client archives storages and websites.

done We built GetArchive, Picryl.com, iOS, and Android applications according to Google material design guidelines that make them look and feel elegant, straightforward and ubiquitous.

Picryl allows quick discovery of public domain media from sources such as LOC.GOV, NARA, NYPL and more. Picryl implements social interaction and interaction tools, deep linking technology to demonstrate how GetArchive platform can be used by our customers.

Public domain is free, so is Picryl.