Case Studies
"I like this idea for the support of public domain photos of old warships. Will donate whenever I download from your site." - Robert De Montmorency, 08.05.2018

"This is a photo of the slipway that I used as a young lighthouse keeper on Great Duck Island, and it is as rare as hen's teeth! Thanks so much!" - Bob LeRoyer, 05.05.2018

"Thank you - I appreciate the service and will pay if I use more images. Keep going!" - Jenny S., 10.08.2018
A Historical Society: Community Hub
Perfect website engine for historical society and local museum. Unlike groups in social networks, runs on dedicated domain or sub-domain. Easy to use back-end, collaborative upload and metadata input, collections management, search. Think social network group but on your own domain. Full control on content plus long-term organic search engine growth. Encourage visitors input, collect donations and print revenues.
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The Collections Website You Can Afford: It Makes Money!
The historian David McCullough has described the New York Public Library as one of the five most important libraries in the United States; the others are the Library of Congress, the Boston Public Library, and the university libraries of Harvard and Yale.
But what if your organization can't spend hundreds of thousands dollars on IT?
GetArchive is the only solution to publish archives on your own website without going broke. In fact, GetArchive makes money for your organization through digital copies, print sales, collecting micro-donations, expanding your reach and donor base. See pricing for details.
Blazing Fast Online Library
Organize Graphics-Rich Documents
To handle documents that are full of diagrams, images, you should be able to search through contents, while reviewing corresponding imagery. GetArchive is handling both Original File and OCR Text. It is the perfect solution for managing archives of proposals, manuals, blueprints, printed advertising, graphics-heavy documents, etc., regardless of their original format.

Search for "Aberdeen" through the "Passages from the diary of General Patrick Gordon of Auchleuchries: A.D. 1635-A.D. 1699". The page-by-page OCR-generated text is used for indexing and search. Note that search works just fine yet the document written in "Olde English" circa 1690s.
OCR + Image Search
Mobile Websites for Digital Collections
The Library of Congress is the World's #1 library and the pioneer of online digital collections publishing. The website is the best in any respect!

Is it possible to make LOC.GOV collections to look even better in mobile browser? We say Yes!
Click and Judge for yourself!
LOC for Mobile
One Index For All
Users expect results with a single search string. Blame Google for that.
One search string combined with syntax like " ", #, @ replaces multiple indexes and searches to satisfy both general public and advanced users.
See how GetArchive's types of search work:
President Nixon
"President Nixon"
and Vice-President Nixon, using negative #tag syntax, sorted by relevance, in U.S. National Archives database.
The NASA History Archive
Combining multiple archives sometimes delivers unexpected outcome such as inadvertently building the NASA online archive that is larger than NASA's own.

iOS and Android Clients For Archives
Mobile application development requires skilled designers and coders and can be expensive. One small mobile step for us, we made the world's curated public domain media collections searchable and readily available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Please explore our approach:

PICRYL for Android
The Largest Public Domain Resource
Among the most popular Google image searches there were quite popular ones we wanted to address first: "Free Images", " Public Domain Images"... "Royalty-Free images", etc.

So we built PICRYL - the largest media bank and search engine for public domain images and videos.
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1M+ Objects?
The bottleneck of archive digitization is adding proper metadata for thousands of objects. Using GetArchive's mass actions, one librarian can comfortably process 10-20K objects per month.

Explore volunteer-driven archive that adds 5-10K objects every month. Remarkable!
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The Workflow Demo

Click on 1-minute video for quick product overview.
Read more on how to start: GetArchive Workflow.

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